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The Safarilink network of inter-connecting scheduled services provides excellent access to most of the main game parks within Kenya. However there will be situations when a private charter flight is more convenient for timing or privacy reasons or because of the "off the beaten track" nature of the destination. Safarilink can provide charter flights to meet most requirements whether for a honeymoon couple or a 100 plus group of company employees being rewarded for their endeavours.

The cost of a charter flight depends on the size of the aircraft needed to accommodate the number of passengers and the distance required to be flown plus other incidentals such as airport landing fees‚ etc. Therefore the particular requirements need to be specified to enable a quotation to be given. However the table provided‚ see below‚ gives indicative costs for some of the most commonly requested charter flights for aircraft with maximum 5‚ 12‚ 37‚50 and 52 passenger seats.

Please note that:

  • the passenger seats shown are the maximum for that category of aircraft and lower limits may apply on some routes due to runway limitations and other operational related factors. 

  • if the maximum number of passenger seats are utilized then the baggage allowance per person is 15 kgs in soft bags. However if all the seats are not utilized‚ for example 8 passengers choose to fly on a 12 seat aircraft‚ then additional baggage can be carried. 
  • the rates quoted exclude Passenger Departure Taxes which are charged by the airports on a per passenger basis and currently vary from $10 for a domestic flight to $60 for an international departure. 
  • the routes are reversible so that‚ for example‚ the cost of a charter from Samburu to Amboseli is the same as the cost shown in the table for a charter from Amboseli to Samburu.

Would you like Safarilink to quote you for a charter flight to meet your specific requirements? If so please send the details to  and we guarantee to revert the same day.