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Mt Kenya Trust (MKT) is committed to long-term conservation of biodiversity of Mt Kenya national reserve and to reduce human/elephant conflicts that threaten livelihoods and conservation. Among its activities is forest surveillance through community scouts‚ financing an electric fence for the reserve‚ supporting women to manage tree nurseries‚ afforestation and conservation education in schools. We partner with Mt Kenya Trust in an afforestation program that also serves as our carbon offset program. Through this program‚ we became the first local airline to be carbon neutral when we signed a carbon-offset program with the Trust.

 Safarilink has been supporting Mt Kenya Trust for the last eight years‚ since 2009. The areas of support can be summarized as follows:

 Regular funding for tree planting (3500 seedlings per annum‚ with the renewal of the partnership in 2017‚ Safarilink has scaled up the partnership from the initial 3500 to 8‚000 seedlings annually.

 Discounted and free tickets are given to MKT management whenever it is practicable for MKT work between Nairobi and Nanyuki.

 Safarilink have assisted with printing of the MKT ecology booklet (1000 copies in 2013). The book is distributed to schools for environmental education.

 Since 2009‚ with support from Safarilink‚ the MKT has planted over 5000 seedlings within Irangi and 13‚5000 seedlings at Ontulili Forest station site. The Trust had been working with women groups at the Irangi site since 2003‚ but support from Safarilink allowed for planting work to start of the Ontulili Forest station site by engaging two new women’s groups and working with local Kenya Forest Service forester in the area. Through Safarilink support‚ a training trip was organized for the Onyulili Women group members to visit and learn from the Irangi groups. The Ontulili women and Kianjogu Mwanzo Womens Groups received new nursery equipment and planted most of the seedlings at the new site between 2011 and 2013. Additional equipment has also been purchased for a group in the sirimon area to expand the planting areas. 

 The women groups are responsible for the following:

  • Building and preparing the nursery beds
  • Planting the seeds in propagation bags
  • Nurturing the seedlings for up to 18 months or two years until they are ready to be planted.
  • Clearing the areas that need to be reforested
  • Digging the holes and planting the seedling

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