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Fly Safarilink To Zanzibar

Fly Safarilink To Zanzibar Via Mombasa

Flight No. From To Departure Arrival
047 Nairobi Mombasa 14:00 15:05
047 Mombasa Zanzibar 16:00 16:45
048 Zanzibar Mombasa 17:15 17:55
048 Mombasa Nairobi 18:55 20:00


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Zanzibar is one of those names‚ along with Timbuktu‚ Kilimanjaro and Marrakech‚ that conjures extraordinary‚ exotic images of Arabian Nights scenes colored with dhows‚ spices and treasures as well as evoking darker stories of traders and adventurers on the hunt for elephants‚ gold‚ power‚ and slaves

Zanzibar is an archipelago made up of Unguja and Pemba Islands‚ and several islets. It is in the Indian Ocean‚ about 25 miles from the Tanzanian coast‚ and 6° south of the equator. Zanzibar Island (known locally as Unguja‚ but as Zanzibar internationally) is 60 miles long and 20 miles wide‚ occupying a total area of approximately 650 square miles. It is characterized by beautiful sandy beaches with fringing coral reefs‚ and the magic of historic Stone Town – said to be the only functioning ancient town in East Africa.

Zanzibar host key historical landmarks whose sight‚ is to behold. The spice islands of Zanzibar have traditionally been a hub for merchants‚ explorers and‚ more recently‚ backpackers. But with a new wave of luxury resorts‚ the Tanzanian archipelago is becoming a draw for travelers who enjoy their five-star comforts.

For centuries‚ the archipelago of 50 islands has been host to foreigners stopping by to restock or relax. More contemporary‚ Darajani market too‚ is an exquisite place to visit. The art of trade‚ merchandise‚ and diversity of people breaths more freshness to the experience of being in Zanzibar. While there‚ you will have the opportunity to shop‚ wine and dine the finest cuisines under the calm breeze of the beach. Among Others is the Old Fort‚ built in the 17th century‚ visiting this site‚ which is now a cultural center‚ you will be able to rekindle and learn more about the Omani and how they dealt with Portuguese who planned an invasion. Sultan palace which was built in the 19th century is also a key attraction site where‚ you will be able to explore history of the town in totality and more so‚ background of the royal family then

Zanzibar proudly hosts art galleries too. Lovers of art can visit some outlets namely Dr. Bulungu Gallery‚ the beautiful eyes‚ Hurumzi Henns art gallery. At the gallery‚ you will have a description of Zanzibar’s culture‚ beauty‚ people and world view. 

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Fly Safarilink To Zanzibar