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In 2004‚ Safarilink Aviation embarked on a transformative mission‚ committing to redefine the air travel experience. This marked the commencement of a two-decade journey‚ witnessing Safarilink's evolution and success.

 The founding of Safarilink Aviation in 2004 marked the inception of a visionary endeavor‚ rooted in the commitment to deliver exceptional air travel services. The goal from the start was clear - to exceed ordinary standards and provide passengers with a remarkable journey.

 The initial chapters of Safarilink's journey unfolded with the introduction of its inaugural services in January 2004. Starting with only 2 leased aircraft that ferried 29 passengers in the first mont Safarilink acquired its first brand new Cessna Caravan Aircraft in January 2009. Over the course of 20 years‚ the fleet has grown to 12 aircraft (8 Caravans & 4 Dash 8’s)‚ symbolizing progress and a dedication to elevating the travel experience.

 As Safarilink continued its trajectory‚ a significant milestone was achieved - the transportation of an increasing number of passengers‚ from 29 per month initially to 29‚000 per month as of December 2023. In 2023 alone‚ Safarilink flew 360‚000 passengers‚ a testament to the trust bestowed upon the airline by those seeking a journey beyond the ordinary.

 Behind every successful flight was a dedicated team. Safarilink's journey involved the nurturing of a workforce that has now flourished to over 300 professionals. Each team member contributes their expertise across various roles‚ collectively steering Safarilink towards new horizons.

 In the spirit of corporate social responsibility‚ Safarilink actively engaged in initiatives extending beyond aviation. Commitment to planting and nurturing trees in the Mt. Kenya Trust‚ wildlife conservation‚ and supporting health activities showcases a holistic approach to community outreach‚ environmental sustainability‚ and philanthropy‚ with over 60‚000 seedlings planted.

 Technological advancements played a pivotal role in Safarilink's narrative‚ leading the industry in the adoption of cutting-edge technology. Plans include acquiring Cessna Caravans fitted with Electric Engines by 2026.

 Throughout two transformative decades‚ Safarilink has remained at the forefront of innovation and excellence‚ committing to continuous improvement for an enhanced air travel experience. Route expansion unfolded in 2005 with the launch of Safarilink's first international route to Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar in 2017. Subsequent years witnessed the strengthening of domestic routes‚ connecting Kisumu and additional cities‚ further solidifying the network.

A crowning achievement for Safarilink was the attainment of the IATA Standard Safety Assessment Certification (ISSA) in 2019‚ setting a record as the first carrier in Africa and the Middle East‚ and the fourth in the world to achieve this prestigious certification. Additionally‚ Safarilink obtained its Approved Maintenance Organization by KCAA‚ AMO License no. (K/AMO/L/070).

 Pioneering eco-friendly initiatives‚ Safarilink made a bold commitment to sustainable aviation practices. A recent Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with SURFAIR signals by using electric engines on the Cessna grand caravans a transformative step towards a greener future.

 Beyond the skies‚ Safarilink's positive impact extends into communities through environmental initiatives‚ health projects‚ and philanthropy‚ involving organizations such as Naboisho Primary‚ Lewa Conservancy‚ Pack for a Purpose‚ MEAK‚ Land & Life Foundation Annual Medical Camps‚ Hands of Our Elephants‚ and Colobus.

 Safarilink's flights are distributed across the globe using various distribution channels creating real time flight availability globally.

 As Safarilink Aviation celebrates two decades of remarkable achievements‚ these milestones paint a vivid picture of a journey marked by dedication‚ innovation‚ and a commitment to making a positive impact on the world. Each chapter written in the skies has contributed to Safarilink's legacy as a leader in the aviation industry. Here's to the next chapter and the boundless horizons that await. Looking forward to soaring higher together in the next decades.  #Safarilink20Years