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CSR Activities

Safarilink CSR activities are focused on preserving nature and improving lives of communities in destinations that we serve. From Lamu to Masai Mara and Laikipia area‚ we support wildlife conservation‚ forest restoration‚ health‚ and education projects. In addition‚ we are engaged in numerous acts of goodwill across the country to save nature and transform lives.

To achieve this‚ we partner with reputable organizations operating in the destinations that we serve. Our efforts have won us many awards and collaborators. 


About our Programs

Our Care for People Projects- Health

  • We partner with Cheli & Peacock Trust for the annual Aitong Medical Camp in Masai MaraIn 2013 the camp treated more than 441patients in two days‚ and for the first time in the history of Mara‚ the camp enabled use of ultra sound technology and trained clinicians in the use of these equipment.
  • Medical and Education Aid for Kenya (MEAK) is a UK charity‚  that provides aid to vulnerable children and women. For 30 years‚ the Charity has performed life changing and life saving operations to thousands needy people.  In support of their work‚ we donate up to 10 tickets each year to transport doctors involved in the medical camps. Each camp is a life transforming opportunity for select medical cases.
  • Lamu Medical Camp‚ is annual event organized during the Maulid Festival is also a beneficiary of our CSR program. This camp attracts up to 5000 people and more than 200 specialized surgeries are undertaken. Each year we donate tickets to doctors who conduct these life-transforming surgeries.

Our Care for Nature Project

This programs focuses on wildlife protection‚ Carbon offsetting & reforestation

  • Mt Kenya Trust is committed to long-term conservation of biodiversity of Mt Kenya national reserve and to reduce human/elephant conflicts that threaten livelihoods and conservation.  Among its activities is forest surveillance through community scouts‚ financing an electric fence for the reserve‚ supporting women to manage tree nurseries‚ afforestation and conservation education in schools. We partner with Mt Kenya Trust in an afforestation program that also serves as our carbon offset program. Through this program‚ we became the first local airline to be carbon neutral when we signed a carbon-offset program with the Trust.
  • The Colobust Trust is a not for profit trust that focuses on protection‚    conservation and preservation of primates. We support The Colobus   Trust in Diani to save the Colobus monkeys from impacts of human development‚ which threatens their existence. For each passenger we fly in or out of Diani Airstrip‚ we donate $2towards the Trust.
  • Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is an award winning wildlife sanctuary covering 62‚000 acres. Formed in 1995‚ Lewa is a safe haven for the endangered black Rhino and several others of Kenya’s threatened wildlife species like the elephants‚ the gravy zebra‚ and wild dogs. Our support goes towards a wide range of conservation activities including security‚ research‚ translocation‚ and land management. We donate 5% of the price of the ticket to Lewa.


Other Good Works

We are continually working to make a difference. As a result‚ we support numerous other life and nature transforming activities through donating raffles and auction prizes. Some of our initiatives include

  • Rhino charge- An initiative that has been raising funds for the fencing of Aberdares National Park to reduce human/wildlife conflict
  • Getrude Hospital Foundation – Getrude is a specialised paediatric hospital based in Nairobi
  • Elsamere Conservation Project- A Naivasha based conservation initiative that supports research on Lake Naivasha
  • Diani Goat Derby
  • Maasai Olympics
  • Kuona Trust Open Day
  • Operation Eardrop


To learn more on how you can partner with us and support our CSR projects‚ click the following link Donate