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The Aitong Health Centre is based in Aitong center on the North-East border of Mara North Conservancy‚ 226km West of Nairobi. The community built this health center in 1993. The clinic raises KES 200‚000-300‚000 (USD 2‚300-3‚500) monthly from fees charged for services‚ which is used to meet all facility needs‚ including salaries for 11 staff and all drug supplies. This is not enough to meet its needs and obligations.

The Christian Development Fund‚ which supports Aitong Health Centre as well as several in the area‚ provides medical supplies on an irregular and unpredictable basis. The government plays a general policy implementation & supervisory role as well as providing vaccines.

The main aim of this Medical Camp is to provide capacity-building services to the staff clinicians‚ addressing their highlighted needs of developing skills in both Maternal Child Healthcare and Dentistry. Concurrent aims included providing first-rate health care to as many members of the wider community as possible free of charge during the 3-day clinic‚ as well as developing systematic stock and general clinic management.

Safarilink is a proud partner to this annual medical camp and since 2017 and provides free air tickets to the proffessional team of doctors and heavily disocunted rates to Land & Life Staff.