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Colobus Conservation is a not for profit organization that focuses on protection‚ conservation‚ and preservation of primates‚ especially the nationally threatened colobus monkeys of which only 4‚500 remain in Kenya. Located in Diani on Kenya’s South Coast‚ Colobus Conservation was founded in 1997 to address human-primate conflict.

colobus conservation kenya

Today‚ numerous projects are underway which concentrate on research and implementation of solutions to decrease the impact of the human environment on primate diversity. One project is the famous 'colobridge' - bridges between trees spanning Diani's Beach Road reducing injury and death of monkeys due to vehicles.  Other projects include:

  •     A 24/7 emergency response service for primate welfare;
  •      Rescue & rehabilitation of injured‚ orphaned or illegally kept pets;
  •      Forest protection and restoration;
  •      Community involvement in forest restoration;
  •      Education programs for local school children;
  •      Biological & ecological research.

Safarilink is a long-term sponsor of Colobus Conservation.  For each passenger we fly in or out of Diani Airstrip‚ we donate towards their conservation efforts.

 While you are in Diani‚ you can visit Colobus Conservation for an ecotour (one-hour duration) or you can participate and support the organization by donating on their website‚ volunteering or adopting a monkey.

 For more information visit