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Medical and Education Aid for Kenya (MEAK) is a UK charity‚ founded in 1995 to provide medical and education aid to vulnerable communities in remote parts of Kenya’s north coast. Founded by Mike and Dee Belliere’s‚ who first visited Kenya as tourists‚ the main thrust of the trust back then was the collection‚ transportation‚ and distribution of medical and educational aid provided‚ free of charge‚ by UK donors to needy organisations in Kenya. Today MEAK organizes and funds medical and surgical missions in the fields of paediatric cardiac surgery‚ thoracic surgery‚ ophthalmology‚ and orthopaedics.


To date MEAK has carried out over sixty missions‚ performing over six thousand surgical procedures. Just recently‚ the MEAK team in conjunction with the Cardiology Department at the Kenyatta National Hospital completed another successful paediatric heart mission. With no overheads in the UK‚ MEAK knows that all the monies raised go straight to benefit of those who need it most. They carry out around ten to twelve missions each year helped by medical teams from the UK who give up their time for free.


For 30 years‚ the Charity has performed life changing and life saving operations to thousands needy people.  In support of their work‚ we donate up to 10 tickets each year to transport doctors involved in the medical camps. Each camp is a life transforming opportunity for select medical cases.


In April 2014‚ MEAK has conducted medical camps in Boni targeting restoration of sight. A similar eye camp was held in Amboseli where 1200 Masai were screened and many cases treated.


Outstanding for us was the new lease of life handed to 14-year old Osman‚ from Lamu after a successful orthopaedic surgery. Osman had become known as the boy with the Z-leg after he broke his leg at the age of 4 while attending to his fathers cattle. Because of poor medical services and myths‚ his leg was deformed leading to the label ‘Z-leg”. Through medical support fromMEAK‚ Safarilink and partners‚ Osman received corrective orthopaedic surgery and is now happily on his two feet