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Tsavo West


 Tsavo West
Daily Flights to Tsavo West
Flight No. From To Departure Arrival
013 Wilson Tsavo W 07:30 08:20
015(High) Wilson Tsavo W 14:00 15:05
014 Tsavo W Wilson 08:30 09:50
016(High) Tsavo W Wilson 15:10 17:10

Safarilink operates daily scheduled flights to Tsavo West. The twin areas of Tsavo West and Tsavo East are Kenya's largest National Park with a combined area of 21,754 sq.kms (8,399 sq.miles) which is larger than either the whole of Wales or Jamaica. This huge tract of pure wilderness is almost 4% of the total land area of Kenya and is a powerful reminder of the country's concern for its natural heritage. In this extensive area are savannah plains, ranges of hills, acacia and montane forest, scrubland and an extensive river system draining down to the Indian Ocean. Tsavo West lies between the Nairobi-Mombasa highway and the border with Tanzania. A particular feature of interest is Mzima Springs where melt water from Mt. Kilimanjaro, 60 kms away, re-surfaces at a peak rate of 500 million litres per day and there are underwater windows from which you can watch the resident hippos. Extending to the north-west from the western side of Tsavo West are the Chyulu Hills a range of steep volcanic hills that erupted out of the plains in recent geological time. Associated with these hills are the Shaitani black lava flows which spread out at the time of their formation. 

All game can be found in Tsavo West but it is particularly famous for its large herds of elephants‚ their hides are a distinctive reddish hue from the red soil of the area.

SafariLink provides daily scheduled flights into Kilaguni and Finch Hattons airstrips in Tsavo West and into Ol Donyo Wuas at the western end of the Chyulus. The timing and connections of the flight is such that returning passengers can directly fly to the Masai Mara or fly north to Nanyuki, Lewa Downs, Loisaba, Samburu or Shaba.

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