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Daily Flights to Naivasha , Loldia
Flight No. From To Departure Arrival
001 Wilson Naivasha 09:45 10:05
001 Naivasha Masai Mara 10:15 11:00

Safarilink operates daily flights to Naivasha in the Rift Valley, and flights from Naivasha to Masai Mara. Naivasha, approximately 70 km north-west of Nairobi, is dominated by one of the country's most beautiful freshwater lakes, Lake Naivasha. Fringed by thick papyrus, this almost circular lake is nearly 13 km across but its waters are shallow with an average depth of only five metres. And the lake level rises and falls over the years for some yet to be determined reason! A possible cause is the delayed effect of extensive irrigation of the surrounding farms in one of Kenya's prime agricultural and horticultural regions. At the peak of the season approximately 1 million flower stems, mainly roses, are airlifted to Europe each night. Lake Naivasha is surrounded by Acacia Xanthophlea, the tall imposing 'yellow fever tree' and the area is renowned for its bird population. Over 400 species have been recorded which is more than the entire list of birds seen in the British Isles! 

Close by is Hell's Gate National Park a stark volcanic landscape with gorges frequented by many birds of prey and climbers of the volcanic plug called Fischer's Tower. Hell's Gate is also the site of a major geothermal power station. Further north-west along the Rift Valley is Lake Nakuru National Park which is famed for its huge population of blush-pink flamingos and other wading birds.

Safarilink operates the Naivasha flight during the high season only but you can fly daily in the afternoon to the Masai Mara. 

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