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Masai Mara


  Masai Mara

Daily Flights to Masai Mara
Flight No. From To Dep Arr
001 Wilson Masai Mara 10:00 11:00
002 Masai Mara Wilson 11:00 12:15
003 Wilson Masai Mara 15:00 16:00
004 Masai Mara Wilson 16:00 17:30


Safarilink operates twice daily scheduled flights to Masai Mara. The Masai Mara is pure iconic Africa at its best and is widely considered to be Africa's greatest wildlife reserve. This vast (1,510 sq. km) game reserve spreads across endless savannah plains that extend south into the grasslands of the Serengeti. And within the Mara, as it is affectionally known, can be found every type of wild animal and bird. The vast grassland plains are scattered with herds of zebra, giraffe and gazelle, the acacia forests abound with birdlife and monkeys, the Mara and Talek rivers host hippos and crocodiles whilst elephants and buffalo wallow in the Musiara swamp. In addition, each year from July to October, the Mara plays host to the world's greatest natural spectacle, the annual migration of over a million wildebeest and zebra from and back to the Serengeti. 

Driven by a primeval urge to follow the promise of rain and fresh life-giving grass in the north‚ they pour across the border into the Mara‚ making a spectacular entrance as columns of plodding animals stretch to the horizon. It is no surprise that this annual migration has recently been named as one of the wonders of the world. The Mara is the hunting ground of Africa's largest population of lions and sightings of these magnificent predators‚ as well as cheetahs and leopards‚ are virtually guaranteed on any Mara safari. The popular BBC Television show Big Cat Diary is filmed in the Masai Mara.

The savannah plains of the Mara lend themselves to a truly unique experience - a hot air balloon flight that enables one to observe the animals and scenery from a different perspective as the balloon drifts along at tree-top height in the post-dawn air. SafariLink operates both morning and afternoon year-round daily scheduled services to 8 of the major airstrips in the Mara. Not only a quick and comfortable way to reach this nature lovers paradise but the opportunity for a bird's eye view of the countryside and a chance to do some game spotting before you arrive!

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