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Daily Flights to Kilimanjaro
Flight No. From To Departure Arrival
041 Wilson Kilimanjaro 12:40 13:35
042 Kilimanjaro Wilson 13:50 14:45


SafariLink operates a year-round daily scheduled flight to Kilimanjaro near Arusha. Kilimanjaro International Airport lies on the plains just to the south of the iconic Mt. Kilimanjaro. From here passengers can conveniently connect onto scheduled service flights to Arusha Manyara Seronera (central Serengeti) and Grumeti (western Serengeti) operated by their Arusha based partner airlines.

Some of the must not miss items in any safari in northern Tanzania are: Lake Manyara - famous for its large elephant populations and one of the only places where lions can be seen climbing and living in trees.Ngorongoro Crater - a 20 km wide volcanic crater with 600m walls. The floor of the crater is a unique Garden of Eden alive with plains game elephant herds and predators.

The Serengeti - Tanzanias most famous game park covers an epic 30,000 ;sq. km. This vast area encompasses rolling savannah ranges of hills river systems and distinctive rock kopjes used by lions and cheetah as outlooks as they survey the plains for game. Olduvai Gorge - where there are some of the earliest relics and evidence of Homo Erectus.

Passengers off Safarilinks scheduled flights from Amboseli and Masai Mara can connect on to Kilimanjaro International Airport and in reverse passengers off the morning flights from the airstrips in western Tanzania can connect to Nairobi and then immediately on to the afternoon SafariLink flight to the Masai Mara.

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